Innovation as a Service

Our Innovation as a Service offering helps companies drive innovation based growth by focusing on developing or deploying the newest technologies and services ahead of the competition. Given the world we live in today, there is a plethora of innovation and companies creating advancements in many arenas. It is often challenging to find the right area of innovation and that which fits your company’s processes, systems and culture. We leverage our deep roots and broad customer base in Silicon Valley to bring the latest innovations to help drive your growth.

Our Innovation as a Service offering includes

  • Deep understanding of client industry and competitive landscape
  • Broad knowledge of industry trends and disruptive new technology innovations
  • Pilot program
  • Roll out and deployment
  • Ongoing support and enhancements
  • Regular innovation summit tailored for your industry


Software Lifecycle Management

Have a great product idea that you think can potentially revolutionize an industry? Got a great in-house software product that you want to commercialize and sell to your competition? Ubertal Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) service leverages our expertise in product management, UI/UX design, engineering, testing, deployment and maintenance to help you build your product more quickly, and reach your customers faster. Our SLM services leverage our deep experience in building commercial grade enterprise software and consumer software to ensure your product development is on track every step of the way.  


Innovation Center Establishment

With the fast advancement in autopilot technology, do you know that in a not so far away future a human driven car might become illegal due to safety concerns? What might happen in your industry’s future? Are you aware of and ready to embrace the change?

Many of our clients are building innovation centers in Silicon Valley to leverage the top tier talent and to stay in touch with the latest advancements in technology. Our Innovation Center Establishment (ICE) service provides a turnkey solution to help you build your R&D presence in Silicon Valley, from identifying the right location, assembling a top notch team with the right combination of skills, to building partnerships with the VC community and other alliances.