Cloud Computing  and big data

Solutions and services to migrate traditional applications to cloud based solutions.

Integrator to bridge on-premise system to cloud based solutions, including two-way integration between on-premise authentication and internet/cloud standard authentication (oAuth/OpenConnectID and SAML).

Cloud + Blockchain solution for data consolidation, data sharing, proof of data integrity and data ownership.

On-premise + cloud based big data tagging and auditing solutions.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


No matter where you are on your Big Data/Machine Learning/AI journey, you can benefit from Ubertal’s Data Science Minimum Viable Product (MVP) solution. We can help you reap ROI quickly through our Data Science MVP Accelerator, bringing tangible outcomes in weeks, not months or years.

Our team of enterprise AI and Machine Learning experts leverage proven processes, methodology, and platform, implemented by 20+ Fortune 500 companies in 9 different major industries, to dramatically reduce time from data acquisition to a first predictive model. These are some of the areas where our team has delivered tangible results:

Predictive Marketing Corporate Planning Supply Chain Internet-of-Things Advanced Analytics
Predictive Lead Qualification Voice of Customer Pricing Intelligent Building Item Recommendation
Growth Marketing Revenue Forecasting Unified KPIs Edge Analytics Forensic Text Analytics
Cohort / Campaign Optimization Predictive Productivity Customer Retention / Life-Time-Value Realtime Fraud Detection Intelligent Agent (Chatbots, NLP)
Opinion Mining Intelligent Negotiation Predictive Maintenance Pattern Recognition
Customer Segmentation
/ AB Testing
Talent Matching Logistics Science Network Analytics Semantic Search
Mobile Ads Risk Profiling Inventory Optimization Streaming Prediction & Forecast Intelligent Cloud Management
Growth Marketing Revenue Forecasting Unified KPIs Edge Analytics Forensic Text Analytics

Training Data Services

Are you using expensive data scientists to gather data and train your model? Ubertal AI training data services can provide significant cost savings and productivity increases.

  • Sourcing and gathering relevant/complementary data to feed your AI models
  • Data annotation and model retuning services


Digital Asset Protection

Our Digital Asset Protection (DAP) solution leverages blockchain technology, offering copyright holders control over their intellectual property. DAP can stamp your digital assets, including videos, images and documents and track the usage and distribution of your intellectual property to prevent unauthorized use.


Mobile Computing

Our mobile application development services cover all major platforms including iOS, Android, and messaging applications like Wechat. We provide turn key solution offerings including mobile strategy, requirement gathering, Mobile UI/UX design, development, testing, deployment, support and big data analytics based data from mobile devices.